A fun little edit of some of my projects from 2015 and into 2016. In order we have: Sol performing at the Rivoli, Toronto - a live performance I Shot; COMINKS with Jen Sakato - a web series I created with Jen Sakato - I Shot & Edited; You got me (Sajana) - D-BOY Music Video - I DP'd; Dhadkan - D-BOY Music Video - I DP'd; and footage from my documentary in post-production - The Incomati River Expedition - I Shot & Edited Song is Irish Handcuffs by Smoke or Fire


The Vision Statement of Mario Roque, owner of Paradise Fields, Binbrook, Ontario.

Video fully realized by Pascal Bennett


24 to MRSOE! is an inside look at the 24 hours leading up to a comedy show's return to it's hometown. After a 5 year hiatus, "The Most RACES Show on Earth!" returned to Toronto only to find itself in the midst of the city's busiest comedy weekend of the year.


This is the remix of Smif'n'Wessun 's Roses. The Gods of Region 6 / True Cipher & Atlantis came together in True Cipher/Toronto in honor of the Father and the 50th anniversary of the 5% Nation Of Gods And Earths. Featuring General Steele of Smif'n'Wessun Brandon Chey Symmetry7 Raz Fresco Saladin -Produced by Knowledge of Self Series -Direction, Camera & Edit by Pascal Bennett ( -Additional Footage by Tray Starks and Inf Mega. -Mixing and Mastering by Phyzi for Incradouble Music.


COMINKS is a show created by Jen Sakato and myself to showcase the Stand-up Comedians, the Tattoo Culture, and the city- Toronto, that we love. These are after-the-fact-uploads to vimeo so each episodes' competition is unfortunately over but feel free to share and follow our Facebook page to see what we do next!


Canadian Filmmaker Rob Stewart is Celebrated with a memorial mural created by artists BirdO and GETSO. Brought together by Pangea Seed's Artists for Oceans Initative & StreetARToronto � Kontinuum - First Rain (NCS)


A travel essay of our time in Semonkong, Lesotho Music is an improv by Sotho Sounds Taken from:


Short Documentary. Music/Travel.